About Massimo Scattolin

After a number of meetings with Andres Segovia, Massimo Scattolin began his concert career as a soloist, since developing his chamber music and orchestral activities to include some of the best-known concertos for guitar and orchestra. Composers such as Andrea Morricone, Astor Piazzolla and Violet Archer have written concerts for him.Foto Maestro Scattolin

Massimo thus rose to the attention of European, Asian, North and South American and Australian audiences and has been described by critics as being one of the best guitarists of our times. He has worked with the main European television networks, as well as with great theatre actors such as Cucciolla, Pagliai and Gassman. He regularly takes part in international festivals and is the first Italian guitarist to have held master classes at the “Mozarteum” in Salzburg.

For the last few years Massimo Scattolin has been increasingly involved in composing works, first for solo guitar, and lately for symphony orchestra.

He has released more than 40 recordings, both as a soloist and in collaboration with musicians such as the violinists Carmignola and Mezzena, the cellists Demenga, Bonucci and Berger, the flautist Fabbriciani, the Amati quartet, the pianist Damerini, the percussionist De Piscopo and the famous group from Cuba “Buena Vista Social Club”.

Massimo plays a “lattice braced” guitar, made by Enzo Guido, with Dogal “Maestrale” strings.

“…Exquisite guitar and musical art…” Alirio Diaz

Music is the real universal language because it is able to feed the most varied of human sensations, enhancing their purest and most noble essence. Everyone is a musician, both when they compose a symphony and when they transform the joy of a moment into song, or even when they get moved and cry merely by listening to a piece.

Massimo Scattolin